Career Profile

I’m Will Rowe, a computational biologist currently working in in the Loman Lab on the ARTIC Network and COG-UK consortium projects.

I work on algorithmic bioinformatics and genomics. I develop algorithms for a range of applications; incorporating the latest advances in data sketching, machine learning and graph theory into my scientific software and biological research portfolio. I apply my algorithmic work to biological problems, such as: real-time genomic epidemiology of viral outbreaks, gene dynamics in the gut microbiome, and antimicrobial resistance gene surveillance.

My future research strategy focusses on making large-scale genomic research accessible and tractable at pace with advances in sequencing technologies; and applying this to global public health problems such as antimicrobial resistance. This includes developing algorithms for indexing, augmenting and querying genomic data collections using tiered computing infrastructure; ranging from low-cost laptops, phones and chips, through to cloud and high-performance computing.

I’m a strong proponent of open science and will continue to release open source software, teaching materials and research.

Employment Record

Postdoctoral Research Associate

2019 - present
Institute of Microbiology and Infection

University of Birmingham

Visiting scientist

2019 - present
Science and Technology Facilities Council

UK Research and Innovation

Computational biologist

2017 - 2019
Hartree Centre (IBM/Science and Technology Facilities Council)

UK Research and Innovation

Postdoctoral Research Associate

2016 - 2017
Institute of Integrative Biology

University of Liverpool

Trainee Clinical Scientist

2015 - 2016
Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge University Hospitals)

National Health Service

Funding, Papers & Software



Reservoirs of mobile antibiotic resistance genes in the gut microbiome of preterm infants

Dragons Den funding

Institute of Integrative Biology funding scheme; competitively awarded during PostDoc


2 rounds of competitive funding, awarded during PhD


466 citations, h-index 13. Please click on the abstract links for more information. Data last scraped from Google Scholar on 14.1.2021.

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Genome research 21 (11), 1788-1799, 2011 - abstract


All of my software is open sourced and available via my GitHub repositories. My software is actively maintained, with strong community engagement in the form of GitHub issues, project forking and pull requests. My software is also packaged for Conda, Brew and BaseSpace. I also contribute to open source projects such as ARTIC Network, BioConda, JOSS and HiPy.

Here are my current GitHub stats and a selection of my most recent projects:

ARTIC tools

A set of tools for viral amplicon schemes
GitHub stars GitHub top language GitHub last commit bioconda

ARTIC pipeline

A pipeline for working with virus sequencing data sequenced with nanopore
GitHub stars GitHub top language GitHub last commit bioconda
IPFS-backed database for recording and distributing sequencing data
GitHub stars GitHub top language GitHub last commit


Appromiately weighted variation graphs for haplotype identification
GitHub stars GitHub top language GitHub last commit
Identification of Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs) in metagenomic samples (a.k.a. Resistome Profiling).
GitHub stars GitHub top language GitHub last commit bioconda
A tool that creates small, fixed-size sketches from streaming microbiome sequencing data, enabling rapid metagenomic dissimilarity analysis.
GitHub stars GitHub top language GitHub last commit bioconda
A pipeline for Detecting Resistome Associated taXa
GitHub stars GitHub top language GitHub last commit bioconda

Teaching, Leadership & Speaking

Teaching & Engagement

Genomics Masters module

Designed and taught content (lectures and workshops) for a module of the LIFE708 Masters degree at the University of Liverpool

Bioinformatics supervision

Provided bioinformatic supervision for PhD students at the University of Liverpool

Bioinformatics workshops

Organised and ran weekly bioinformatics workshops for the institute


Assisted at university-wide Python workshops as an instructor

Leadership, Professional & Collegial Experience

Editorial board member

2019 -
Journal of Open Source Software

Balti and Bioinformatics

2019 -
This is a 1-day conference that attracts ~75 delegates per year. I organised and chaired this year’s event

Grant reviewer

2019 -
I reviewed a grant application for the Auckland Medical Research Foundation, New Zealand.

Publication reviewer

2015 -
I review for a number of journals including JOSS, PLoS One and Microbial Ecology.

Captain of Boats

2012 - 2013
Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

MCR Social Secretary

2012 - 2013
Magdalene College, University of Cambridge

Industrial Collaboration

UKRI Innovation Return on Research

2017 - 2019
As part of the IROR programme, I consulted with several companies and research institutes (incl. Unilever, Rothamsted Research, Quadram Institute) to deliver high performance computing solutions for genomics applications. This resulted in several pieces of software being commercially licensed and registered as intellectual property.

Industrial Collaborative Award in Science and Engineering (ICASE)

2011 - 2015
As part of my PhD training, I spent several months in the labs of the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, and GlaxoSmithKline, enacting knowledge transfer, data generation and report production focussed on antimicrobial resistance gene dynamics in the environment.



Oral talk at the Applied Bioinformatics & Public Health Microbiology conference, Hinxton

Doherty Institute

Invited seminar at the Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne


Lightning talk for the Genome Evolution in Pathogen Transmission and Disease conference, Kyoto

Genome Science

Invited oral talk for the Genome Science conference, Nottingham


Invited oral talk for Community Network in Metagenomics conference, Warwick


Oral talk for British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy confernce. London

Skills & Stats

Go, C, CPP, Python, BASH

LSF, NextFlow, Conda, git

Jupyter, R, MatLab

Web design:
HTML5, CSS, Django, JS

Cloud computing:
Docker, AWS

Machine Learning:
RF, ANN, regression etc.